Monday, March 20, 2017

HES Music Update -Spring

  • Kindergarten
    • We are working on being "Tuneful", "Beatful", and "Artful"
    • Some songs were are working on are "Wise Old Owl", "Fais Do Do" 
    • We are learning to dance as well! We are learning a dance in a line and a scatter dance! 
  • First Grade
    • We are working on our first improvisation piece on barred percussion instruments! This uses the poem "One potato, Two potato" 
  • Second Grade
    • We are working on learning a melody on barred percussion "Hey, Betty Martin" 
    • When we have learned to play the melody, we will start added accompaniment to the song! 
  • Third Grade
    • We are learning a new piece of music called "Who Has Seen the Wind" 
      • This pieces uses voice, recorder, and barred percussion
      • We will also add movement! 
  • Fourth Grade: 
    • We are continuing a unit about improvisation and jazz! For this unit, we are studying Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald, two amazing jazz artists. 
    • We are learning to improvise short melodies on barred percussion. 
    • We will learn how to "scat" like Ella Fitzgerald. 
    • We are playing C Jam Blues like Duke on recorder! 
  • Fifth Grade is finishing up a unit on composition. When we finish, work will be shared online! 
  • Sixth grade is starting a new drumming unit. We are currently working on "Boom, Boom Share a Drum" - it's very challenging and has opportunities for lots of improvisation! 
    • We are being joined on occasion by a JSC Music Education Student, Miss Kailyn, who is helping teach parts of the lesson. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Steel Drums!

While students were singing, teachers were in the room next door learning steel drum! We learned two pieces and it was VERY challenging!

Just look at this drum - the notes seem all mixed up to me!

All of the teachers practicing together

We were joking that our faces were funny as we were trying to learn the music - tongues sticking out, frowns and smiles, laughs. In this video, I'm playing FOUR large, low, steel drums. To play, I had to look at the music and try to find my note. Very challenging but I finally got the pattern! 

It's a surprise for the kids, but we decided to play for the concert tonight. Not bad for only one hour of practice! 

Rehearsals begin!

130 kids!

Finding out Ben & Jerrys is bringing ice cream!!

Hardwick Bobcats, REPRESENT!!

Our spectacular 4th&5th  HES Bobcat Chorus members are off to Mount Mansfield Union High School this morning for a day of collaboration with other 4th & 5th graders from around the state. They will learn new music and present a concert tonight at 5:30pm. What a wonderful group of kids to represent our awesome town!

Here are a couple "along the way" pics. More to come!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We are on our way to MOMIX! I'm on the bus with third grade. Blogger is being glitchy, so I'll try to keep updating, but it could be a challenge!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Solo Opportunity - A Song of Peace

In preparation of our River of Light concert, students have been learning parts of the song "A Song of Peace."

The beginning of this song is a solo - to save time needed to practice other music, we have not been learning this part in music class. Instead, students who are interested in auditioning for the solo can use the video below to practice at home. One student from HES will be chosen by Mrs. Sanders to sing the solo. (This will be a very informal process during music class over the next two weeks...)

Grades K-2 are learning the chorus ("One song for all of us...") 3-6 are learning the chorus and second verse (which is very similar to the solo first verse.) All students are learning sign language that goes with the chorus.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Chorus begins today!

See you at 2:30.

Pick up is at 3:10p near the main office.

Thank you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tomcat's Toe

This is Mrs. Magoon's Class final performance of "Tomcat's Toe." To help students concentrate on the accompaniment and instrumental parts, Mrs. Sanders sang the melody.

Vocabulary we learned/reviewed:
Bass, Alto, Soprano
Xylophone, Metallophone, Glockenspiel

We learned that the form of this piece of music was AABA.

What a great job! Congratulations Mrs. Magoon's Class! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chorus Cancellations

There will be no chorus on the following days:

March 31st (morning rehearsal)
April 4th (afternoon rehearsal) 
April 14th (morning rehearsal)

Thank you!

Fundraiser in Full Swing!

Our annual flower bulb fundraiser is happening NOW!!

Bulbs can be purchased from any band or chorus student or online at All proceeds go to support HES Music - purchasing uniforms, student subsidies, festival expenses for sixth grade chorus members and more. Your support is greatly appreciated!

This link can be sent far and wide! Online purchases will be delivered directly to your home. Purchases made from students will be delivered to school around the last week of April and sent home with students shortly after.

Thank you!